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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Learning the Land - Part 1

I claim to be no expert but I invite you to join me on my own journey in connecting more deeply with the land. For everyone this is an extremely personal journey, and so what is right for me may not feel right for you. So take my suggestions during this series of posts, tweak them, adapt them; do what feels right for you and the land you are living on. I'm going to aim to give you one activity or idea to work with every week in the hope that it gives you time to personalise these ideas/rituals, making them as formal or informal as you like, and giving you time to work through any impressions, dreams, visions, and impressions that might come your way as a result of your work.

There is nothing more important (in my humble opinion!!) than your connection with the land, your mother, your source. The Earth and the spirits that live within the land have so much to teach us - and what could be more fulfilling than learning from the forces of nature rather than spending all your time with your nose in a book? (though I do adore books so please don't ignore them completely)

As with all things worth doing, this is worth taking your time over. Show the land some commitment by taking it one step at a time.

So for your first steps with your land you will need some maps! If you live somewhere you've been born and grown up then you will likely have some resonance within you with the place you live, but if you live hundreds of miles from your birthplace there's no reason at all why you cannot become part of the land too. What you need is love. It comes down to that very simple fact.

So! Start off with a local street map, and an ordinance survey map is handy too (sorry I don't know the equivalent to this outside of the U.K. I'm talking about a very detailed map that you'd likely use should you decide to go rambling in the country side) Look for places that could have held special significance that's been forgotten from days gone by. Old track ways that have somehow survived urbanisation, old park land that holds some remnant of the wildwood; ancient fortifications and earthworks. All these are indications that a place has something special about it. Look as well for old churches that have been there forever - chances are they were built upon earlier sacred sites. Take note of any unusual place/road names that draw you too. Mark all of these places down and then just look at your map for a bit - is there anywhere your eye is drawn to without there being anything obviously special about it? Mark down these places too - your intuition could be giving you a heads up!

Now go do some research on these places you've marked down and see what turns up. When I did my research I found the starting point of an energy ley line which I was very excited about. I also found some old town/parish boundaries that still remained as public footpaths through new housing estates and held a real feeling of the Earth pulsing through them. I found some sites that had histories of various hauntings and the stories that went with them. It was all very illuminating!

So go look for the places around you where the Earths energies are closer to the surface and easier to perceive.

Good luck to everyone who decides to have a go with this. Be sure to let us know how you get on! We're all on similar journeys here and I for one would love to hear what everyone else finds!

Nellie x

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