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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Magical First Steps - Part Four

The fourth step in learning to work magic is raising energy.

Raising energy isn't like drinking an energy drink. It's not the same as feeling energized, but rather a feeling of power - of something that can be put to use in a better way than just physical. It's a deep sensation in the stomach. (For me at least, though I'm sure it can radiate from other places.)

To start with this exercise, figure out which hand it your strongest. It's usually your writing hand, but whichever hand you feel has more ability to send out can work. You can also try this exercise with both hands, or alternate until you learn which one works better, or you prefer. Personally, I use both hands, as they are fairly well balanced for me.

Start out by getting into a fairly meditative state. Make sure that you won't be getting interrupted, keep outside sounds to a minimum. Ask any roommates or family members not to bother you for a while. Take your time.

Once you're nice and relaxed, put your hands out in front of you and shape them like you're cupping a ball. Your hands can be a bit straighter, or nicely curved - whichever is more comfortable for you to keep up for several minutes.

Focus on sensing the energy around you, then narrow down on your own. Pull the energy into your stomach/chest. Then funnel the energy into your hands, then finally the space between your hands. It will pool up and eventually feel like a squishy nerf ball.

You should be able to feel the density of the area.

After trying this, if you're capable of seeing the energy, you can try to change the colors - or you can try to change the temperature or other aspects of the energy.

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