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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Letters Home

If you are struggling with feeling your connection to the land I have a simple suggestion for you to incorporate into your own rituals, rites or meditations. Use what ever format suits your personal practise best.

To help draw you closer the the land you can try writing a letter. You might want to write this as you would a formal letter or you might decide to take the same route as me and write a poem. I chose the poem format because I felt the creation in itself was an offering to the land and because the crafting of a poem takes more time and therefore in the crafting of a poem you imbue your words with more meaning. A quick scribble isn't appropriate either way you chose to go forward with it; you need to put real thought into your words and when you write them out you must really feel them - make some effort to make the paper look pretty.
Tell the land that you wish to connect with it and the spirits that live with/within it and tell the land why. Tell the land how much you think of it. In my case I was telling the land spirits about the garden I wanted to create and why, and I was asking for permission and assistance. Be open and be clear in what you are saying.
When you have your final draft and it's all written out lovely (I would suggest handwriting rather than printing from your word processor as something handwritten is more personal and again gives your words more power) you are ready to use it. Begin as you would normally begin your practise, but you must be outside. If you want to make contact with the spirits of the land you must at least show willing! Where you are will obviously effect how you perform any rituals or meditations, but with this side of things you're on your own; do whatever suits you and the circumstance. The aim is to release your words to the land spirits. You might chose to read your words out loud or you may recite them silently. The nest step is to physically release your words. You can do this by either burying your letter in the Earth or by burning the letter in a small heat proof bowl.
After you've done this you must keep your eyes open! If the spirits try to answer you make sure you are listening. Watch for anything that keeps repeating in your life. Maybe a certain animal will keep appearing, either in real life or you'll keep seeing them on the t.v, hearing about them etc. Maybe it will be a word that keeps popping up, or a phrase. It might also be helpful to pay extra attention to your dreams.

Good luck,
Nellie x

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