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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


One of the things I have found most helpful in helping me to feel connected to the land has been to adopt a piece of land. In my opinion this should ideally be somewhere that is neglected, somewhere that is in need of some loving energy.
My adopted land is a very small remnant of woodland that survives the urban sprawl. I get the feeling that it is just a tiny piece and all that is left of what was probably not that long ago a large woodland area.
The path that runs through this tiny wood goes to a new, posh housing estate and to the huge Tesco supermarket. There are no bins along this track, despite the fact that it is heavily used by supermarket pedestrian traffic and as such the trees and the plants are choking on discarded rubbish. The track way is also a favourite dog walking route and unfortunately not many of them (or so it seems) remove their dogs poo. While I don't pick up the dog poo (it might be offensive to me but I don't suppose the trees and the plants mind it much) I make sure that every time I visit that I take a bag along with me and pick up the rubbish that I find, and then recycle what I can of it.
It doesn't take me that long, and the feeling of acceptance I get for it is more than welcome. The feeling of connection that has come from this activity is of a very comforting sort.
I urge you all to adopt a piece of land and show it that humans can and do care. Some of us at least.


  1. I've just adopted an area of land similar to that near my house. Many kids ride their bikes through it and leave drink bottles/cans and junk food litter around. The water and the reeds are covered in it- it's heartbreaking. Once the raid clears up, I'll grab my gloves and a garbage bag and head off to clean park! As a promise I made to the wights of that land, I'm certainly not going to go back on my word to them.

  2. What a lovely way to express how you feel and to feel connected. I feel inspired to do the same. Been thinking about doing something like this. possibly my local park area, where kids leave lager cans and bottles. Sometimes these things get cleared but not near the sides of the area, at least not always