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Monday, September 6, 2010

Befriending a Tree

If you haven't got a spiritual teacher (and I suspect this is most of us!) then you could do a whole lot worse than befriend a tree.

In reality there isn't much information written and/or readily available on tree spirits (often mistakenly called dryads - the original meaning of 'dryad' referred to the spirit of an oak tree). This means that most of your work with tree spirits will have to be guided by your intuition. If you were looking for hard and fast instructions, sorry folks!

Befriending a tree will bring a whole new quality to your spirituality and will certainly add your connection to the spirit of the land. Trees are so very different from humanity and there is so, so much that we can learn from them.

How do you find your friend then? Are there any particular trees that seem to reach out to you - either spiritually or literally as you walk past they always seem to brush you with their branches? Is there a particular species that you feel an affinity with? These are good questions when searching for a tree to befriend. If you're lucky you have a tree growing right in your garden and it is already part of the family. If not, there are trees even in the most urban of situations.

I would start off by just showing the tree kindness. Water it during drought. Collect any rubbish that has been left at its base. Sit with the tree and give it time to get to know you - trees don't rush! Slowly you should start to develop a connection with the tree, and then who knows what it will teach you...


  1. I LOVE this post! I have always loved trees and felt a pull to them. I am always looking at trees everywhere I go.....they just seem to call to me....but somehow I don't ever get to spend enough time alone with them. There is a tree that is a yard across the street from me.....and I so wish that it was mine.....I am in love with it.....but these neighbors aren't ones that would be willing to share.....so I gaze at it from afar....I'm not even sure what kind of tree it is. I planted a new tree in my yard this year.....a Weeping Cherry tree....another tree that I have seen in somebody's yard that I have been drawn to for years.....and I finally found out what kind it was and planted one. Well....I guess I have blabbed on enough....I really love this post.

  2. Lovely post. I have a wonderful tree in my garden, which I think I may have talked about a bit on my blog. I feel very close and connected to my tree

  3. I love this...very sweet and useful, I love trees, and often I use twigs or branches for my art work.

  4. Thanks for the comments folks, I'm glad you like the post :)

    Celia ~ a trees energy field far surpasses its physically seen 'edges'. If this tree is calling to you then not being able to physically reach it shouldn't stop you from trying to form a relaionship with it.
    Maybe you could write to the tree and burn the paper if you feel like you'd like some sort of physical way to reach the tree? Let the breeze take your smoke words to the tree?
    I'd start off by finding out what species of tree she is and where her native lands are.
    Please don't be put of that you can't actually lay your hands against her bark!
    Nellie x